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Summer 2015

Intensive Language and Culture Courses

Summer 2015: May 13 -June 23 

Intensive Elementary (101/102)  Arabic, Chinese,  Persian and Russian              


****See  the "Choosing Courses" link at the right for course numbers you will need to enroll in all 4 courses.

Each course covers two semesters and offers eight academic credits in a session of six weeks.

The courses are open to all students nationally. They include morning classroom sessions (three hours) and afternoon cultural engagements (two and a half hours) animated by native-speaking cultural specialists and consisting of films; authentic situational scenarios; interactive skits; individual tutoring; lab work; and guest speakers on contemporary topics including daily life overseas, political issues, stereotypes of Americans, music and sports, religious practices, women and women’s rights, dating and marriage, minority communities, perceptions of government, etc. This website houses multimedia resources for the study of all five languages, as well as the best web links to complementary cultural and linguistic materials. Follow the links at the right to register for Summer Intensive Courses.

The University

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, NC State University is a unit of the Consolidated University of North Carolina system. Long known as a center of research and teaching in engineering, computer science, textiles, forestry, architecture, business management, and the humanities and social sciences, NCSU has earned an international reputation for excellence and has become a designated Project GO critical languages and cultures instruction hub for North Carolina, as well as for the nation.

The City

In 1994, Raleigh was rated as the most desirable place to live in the United States by two major international business surveys, and has since retained a high ranking.  More recently, in December, 2009 Raleigh was voted by The Daily Beast online as the Smartest City in America. Known for its educational and cultural institutions, Raleigh and the surrounding area boast outstanding universities (NC State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University). There are many excellent smaller universities, colleges and cultural attractions such as the North Carolina Museum of History, Museum of Natural Sciences, Museum of Art, and the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra. White beaches, two national seashores, and the Atlantic Ocean are a two hour drive to the east.  A few hours drive to the west are the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Washington DC is only a five hour trip by car. Frequent flights and economically priced air fares make side trips to many exciting locations such as Orlando, Florida or Nashville, Tennessee convenient and affordable.